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How I'm evolving as a photographer

March 25, 2017


Dear readers,


Welcome to my first blog post! I decided to create this blog to share my knowlegde and experiences as a photographer and I hope you will enjoy it. I will post tips and tricks you can use and I will tell you what I do when I get stuck.


If you own a reasonably good camera you only use during your summer holidays to create memories, you are just like me. I was a 'seasonal photographer' and my camera was collecting dust until the next holiday. The reason this happened was because I didn't think anything at home would be an interesting subject.


I was wrong: I own cats. They became my subject when I was not travelling. Later I discovered that flowers are a pretty subject too and I didn't have to travel much to find them. At this point, I considered photography to be a hobby of mine and I wanted to learn more. I signed up for a beginners course in a zoo and practised more until I understood the basic settings of my camera.


When I started studying, I joined a student photography Union and met a lot of young photographers. It is very important to discuss your work with other people who can give you tips and advice you wouldn't think of yourself, which is exactly what I did. I am still learning a lot from my friends. Besides them, I took my work to the internet as well. Professional photographers can give you great advice.


Reading books and articles about photography is also something that helped me create beautiful images. I learned that I didn't have to travel at all to enjoy photography. I started looking at things differently. Objects in my house that have been around for years became interesting. I set up my own little studio with a table cloth and photographed a Buddha sculpture and teacups.

 I am still discovering new genres I'd like to try. Recently, I was inspired by an instagram account full of still lives and I am planning on trying something similar. A lot of photo's I find on Pinterest, 500px and instagram give me ideas for the next photo session.

For now, I will continue searching for work by other photographers to inspire me and read articles in magazines and websites to learn more. This will take a few years and it will probably be a triel-and-error process, but I will ejoy every minute of it!



In my next blog, I will explain the basics about photography!


Happy photographing,


Lieke Roodbol





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My name is Lieke Roodbol and I love photography. My goal is to inspire you and teach you about my passion with this blog!

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