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Your surroundings are more interesting than you think!

October 17, 2017



Dear readers,


I used to think the Dutch landscapes and buildings are not as interesting as landscapes in other countries. I have a list of places I want to visit and all of them are in another country. Being a student teacher, I can't just go on photography trips to Iceland or the USA. The solution: don't go too far!


Nijmegen is actually a beautiful city


You have to set realistic goals when sticking to your nearest surrounings. I will never come home with photographs of mountains, simply because there are no mountains in the Netherlands. We do have cities. I live near Nijmegen, a city that claims to be the oldest city in the Netherlands (and of course I agree). There are many possible subjects for a photoshoot in a city. Think about architecture, street photogaphy or portraits.

If you wonder around looking for things you want to capture, you will see your owwn city in a different way. Walk around in streets you don't usually go to (unless there is a good reason of course). Nijmegen has beautiful old buildings that survived the bombing during the war.


Try alternative genres

I like urbex photography (short for urban exploring), but never really tried it myself until last summer. There are a lot of abandoned buildings and even villages in the north of Spain. At home, I decided I will look for interesting places and try urbex photography. I started looking for buildings that are not beautiful at all, but have a beauty in their own way. Old factories near the river have a nice urbex atmosphere and look.


I am not a people photogapher, but I want to shoot more portraits. I asked a friend if she would like to model for me, and we will do a photoshoot some time soon. I don't know whether or not I will like this genre, but I'll never know if I never try.


The Dutch landscapes are not that uninteresting

To us Dutchmen, our landscapes are fla and boring because we see it every day. There is a reason (beside better temperatures) we travel to other countries in our holidays. To others, our landscape is special and unique. I had to learn to appreciate our landscapes, but since I do, I've enjoyed photography more and more often.



Explore at different times

When I go for a hike in a nearby forest or shop in the city centre, I go during the day when it's not raining. The streets in the city and paths in the forest look different in the early morning or evening. Sunrises or -sets always add something special to photographs, and it almost seems like a rule you have to follow when photographing landscapes to do this during those Golden Hours. There's a good reason or that.


Besides the early morning or evening, forests and city centres also look different in the rain or at night. Places you know so well because you've seen them so often, might be interesting if you try night photography.


If you look closely and pay attention to details, you will find subjects to photograph that are not too far away. Other photographers in the area might inspire you and make you see there is more to that city or forest than you know. Keep exploring and happy photographing!


xx Lieke







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